Transforming litigation into a profitable engine for business intelligence, industry analytics, and operational efficiencies.
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CaseGlide can be accessed from mobile devices, desktops & tablets
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Build a case and claims document library to automate pleadings, discovery, letters, notices and motions. Turn mountains of litigation into a powerful instrument for business intelligence, industry analytics, and process automations.
Review visual analytics dashboards to benchmark for efficient claim resolutions, identify and transform key performance metrics for all parties involved, and stay on top of emerging trends internally and externally.
Manage your case with customizable workflows for each stage of litigation, activity logs to summarize events, email and journal tools to streamline collaboration, and document folders for improved organization.
Our Four Pillars
CaseGlide is a dynamic claims and case management software that delivers predictive analytics and optimized data to seamlessly transport your business to the next level.
A revolutionary approach to insurance litigation using cutting-edge software to solve for ineffective allocation of man-hours, assets and expenses.
On-demand access to real-time analytics using past and present data to deliver actionable business intelligence through a smart, interactive dashboard.
An innovative merger of industry statistics and proprietary predictive analytics that enable intelligent proactive forecasting and planning.
Reorganize workflow and increase productivity through robust project management, automated data, and standardized templates.
Take Control Of Your Data
Let CaseGlide transition your business from yesterday's hard data environment to today's efficient, virtual platform. Over 1,000 insurance companies, claims executives, adjusters, and law firm personnel are already using CaseGlide to capture, share, and streamline their data.
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Getting Started
CaseGlide software integrates your current and past case information into a smooth and seamless stream of data. Comprehensive training and on-going support coordinates your busy office to ensure a successful onboarding.
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