The leading case management system for insurance companies and their attorneys to streamline collaboration, automate routine processes, and create transformative business intelligence.

Problems CaseGlide Helps Insurers Tackle

Legal departments are under significant pressure to reduce legal expenses.
Legal departments are committed to making data analytics and business intelligence a foundation of their processes.
Insurers are demanding that legal departments handle more cases with less staff.
Insurers are tired of lack of results from case management software and marginal results from billing litigation software.
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CaseGlide's Custom-Tailored Solutions For Insurers
Instead of relying on e-billing and generic case management software, the leading claims litigation departments are implementing CaseGlide, the leading integrated case management solution designed for their business.

Matter Management for Experts, by Experts

Collaborate efficiently using claims-specific check-the- box and fill-in-the-blank workflows instead of lengthy emails and Word documents. Reduce the time and expense of routine tasks such as legal document creation by automating them.
Eliminate duplication of tasks by having attorneys directly enter their updates into your system, instead of having attorneys fire away millions of dollars of information in emails and making adjusters document every single communication in the claims journal.
Review case updates by skimming news feeds searchable and sortable by any case facts, including disposition strategy, favorability ratings, and priority level, rather than by the order in which it hits adjusters' inboxes.
and Analytics
Obtain actionable business intelligence by requiring all key case information to be entered into searchable, sortable, and data visual-ready fields.


Identify who your best attorneys are through real-time "apples to apples" comparisons on categories such as expense and performance.

Integrated Legal
Fee Auditing

Save up to 40% of your legal fees by ensuring compliance with the guidelines and by making attorneys’ jobs easier through streamlined collaboration and automated legal documents.