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Insurance Claims Litigation Case Management Software Systems: Past, Present, and Future



This is an excerpt from CaseGlide’s Definitive Guide to Transformational Improvement in the Insurer LegalDepartment which you can download here.

Issues in Insurer Legal Departments:

  • Background on Insurance Claims Litigation Case Management Software Systems:

The issues in insurer legal departments stem from one simple truth that is rarely uttered – the legal system is not an effective place to adjust insurance claims. Although insurers have a duty to pay covered claims and deny those for which there is no coverage, the truth is that lawyers, judges, and juries are more likely to make matters worse than uphold a policy provision. Long ago, intelligent insurers acknowledged that they owed a duty to their shareholders and policyholders to prevent the courtroom from unnecessarily draining more money out of the policyholders’ reserves.

With that acknowledgment came the responsibility to try to control the litigation process as much as possible internally, rather than delegate claims to lawyers. Unfortunately, most insurers would agree that their legal departments have not made enough progress in managing litigation to solve the fundamental problems. In this article, we discuss the evolution of the insurer legal department and what the leading insurers are doing today to manage litigation with technology.

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Claims Litigation Software and the Four Key Levers of Insurance Claims Litigation Success

We recently received great praise for our presentation The Four Key Levers of Insurance Claims Litigation Success. We wanted to share it with our other clients and partners.

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$300M Invested in Insurance Technology is Money Well Spent

Here’s a recipe for success: $300M + a Single Goal.

MetLife invested $300M to create The Wall – the Facebook of insurance. What was the goal of the wall? To put all of a customer’s information into one place.
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Want a Free Harvard Education on Insurance Claims Analytics? Read This.

Where did I learn about insurance claims litigation analytics? I studied at Harvard.

Okay, not really, but I can say that Harvard has educated me on analytics, and if you read this, you can be Harvard-educated, too!
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Transform Your Insurance Claims Department Using Claims Predictive Modeling

Focus on claims predictive modeling. If you’re in the insurance claims industry, make the decision now: are you going to be mediocre, or are you going to be great?

Good, now that you’ve decided to be great, let me tell you about some of the obstacles.
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Challenges and Opportunities with Insurance Claims Analytics

If you’re interested in insurance claims analytics innovation, I have some good news and some bad news. Rather than hear it from me, you should read these three lists from an Everest Group research article.

First, let’s start with the bad news list:
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Insurance Claims Analytics Innovation Basics

“When the winds of change are blowing some people are building shelters, and others are building windmills.”

When I read that quote at the beginning of a presentation, I was hooked. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably an insurance claims innovation nerd like me, so you’re probably hooked too.

Here is the link to an awesome presentation on claims innovation:
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