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Unstructured Insurance Claims Data: The One Claims Data Issue Insurance Companies Can Fix Today

Are you ready to hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about unstructured insurance claims data?

Good, I am ready to tell it to you.

If you’re an insurance company executive, the biggest step you can take today is acknowledging that you have one major obstacle you must overcome if you’re ever going to run a data-driven claims department.
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Is Your Company Winning with Insurance Claims Predictive Modeling?

There’s a party going on and you’re invited. Tons of models are at the party too.

If you’re like most claims executives, you like to arrive fashionably late to the party. You don’t want to be the first people there. You don’t even want to be in the first 50% of people to show up.
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Insurance Claims Innovation is Simply Claims Knowledge Plus Data Knowledge

Insurance company executives, you don’t have to listen to me. Listen to this author of the article in PC360.

I am going to highlight two important points here.
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Insurance Claims Executives Need to Become Claims Data Executives Before its Too Late

Technology people are never going to “get it.” When will insurance executives realize it? Its time to become an insurance claims data executive.

Smart technology people will admit it. They can’t transform the claims industry by themselves. They need claims executives to start from the bottom up so that they can translate their needs.

When smart technology people get a hold of smart claims executives, you wind up with a smart claims data executive. Maybe even two!
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How to Implement a New Insurance Claims Management System

I recently came across an article regarding Homesite Insurance’s implementation of a new insurance claims management system. In the article, Anthony O’Donnell talked about Homesite’s decision between upgrading their existing system versus building a new one. I think any insurer with a pulse and decent execution skills would agree that replacing a legacy system is the right decision.

But what stood out was Anthony’s simple explanation on why Homesite chose their provider:
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Eight Implications Created by Usage Based Insurance

Usage based insurance and telematics are the future of insurance. People will make billions of dollars using these technologies. Even more important, people will save good policyholders like you and I billions of dollars. These people are changing our world.

Check out this article from Insurance Thought Leadership:
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The Robot Insurance Claims Adjuster is Here

Technology seems to be eating everything except your job. That might change sooner than you think thanks to robot insurance claims adjusters.

Here is a brief article about ERIE Insurance using drones and Google Glass to investigate claims:
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Usage-Based Insurance: A Real Life Example of Insurance Innovation

The smartest people in insurance are a lot smarter than you and I are. Sorry but it’s true. But, it’s only true today.

Close the email inbox, and let’s join the smart people. They’re making money, having fun, and solving big insurance problems.

How can we get a little bit smarter today? Let’s take a look at what the smartest insurance people are doing. Sometimes, these smart people can’t help themselves and give you a peak at what they’re doing. You get the benefit of all of their hard work for nothing.
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What Will be the Uber for Insurance Companies?

Do you love Uber? I do.

Have you seriously thought about how simple the Uber idea really was? Sure, Uber’s execution has been a war; however, at its core, it was a very basic idea.

Insurance Thought Leadership has a good article on what will be the Uber of insurance. I encourage you to check it out.
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The End of Auto Insurance?

True innovation sometimes destroys industries. Ask Kodak, Blockbuster, taxis, car GPS modules, and Borders:

How did innovation work out for you?

Paul Carroll wrote a great article on Insurance Thought Leadership on whether innovation is beginning to destroy the auto insurance industry.
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