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CaseGlide Partners with Universal North America


(January 11, 2019) — CaseGlide announced today that it has been launched as the claims litigation management software provider for Universal Group, Inc, a leader in the insurance industry. CaseGlide, a business intelligence solution designed to monitor and analyze litigated claims, emerging trends, and legal expenses, has been deployed to Universal Group’s subsidiary Universal North America’s, litigation departments.

The selection of CaseGlide’s cloud-based solutions is the result of an in-depth investigative study of Universal North America’s litigation, claims, and management teams.

“We are excited to partner with Universal North America to offer their claims department access to the most powerful claims litigation management platform available,” said CaseGlide’s CEO Wesley Todd.

Additional features of the CaseGlide platform include legal spend management and analytics reporting. CaseGlide utilizes streamlined collaboration, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics to help reduce the amount of litigation costs.


About Universal North America

Universal North America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Universal Group, Inc. based in Puerto Rico.  With extensive insurance knowledge, experience and commitment to quality and service, Universal Group, Inc. is Puerto Rico’s principal supplier of property/casualty, auto and life insurance, policy financing and investment products. For more information about Universal NA visit Uihna.com.

About CaseGlide

Based in St. Petersburg, Florida CaseGlide is the originator of claims litigation management solutions for insurance, retailer, and financial management companies. Designed to improve collaboration, reduce expenses, and enhance reporting and analytics associated with litigated claims, CaseGlide has successfully reduced dozens of insures’ legal costs and indemnity expenses. Focused on the under-served and over-expensed insurance companies, CaseGlide’s approach to claims litigation management enables institutions of all sizes to use the power of analytics to bridge the gap of traditional claims management and InsureTech solutions.


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