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Claims Litigation Software and the Four Key Levers of Insurance Claims Litigation Success

We recently received great praise for our presentation The Four Key Levers of Insurance Claims Litigation Success. We wanted to share it with our other clients and partners.

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Three Ways Insurers Lose Money Because of Legacy Claims Litigation Management Software

This article on claims litigation management software was originally published in Insurance Innovation Reporter.

Insurance claims organizations are among the most astute users of information technology when it comes to fraud: just as insurers’ IT departments are in a constant competition with hackers, claims departments and their special investigations units (SIUs) are applying the latest technologies to stay a step ahead of the fraudsters. And yet when it comes to claims litigation, insurers are typically employing legacy technologies and procedures that are causing significant losses.

Just as technology is providing new ways of detecting fraudulent claims activity, analysis of prior claims litigation can yield valuable insights into present cases. Here are three ways to determine whether your claims litigation teams lacks the technology and tools to optimize case management and improve bottom line results …

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Claims Innovation: How Your Company Can Use Automated Legal Documents for Insurance Claims Defense to Win Big

This article regarding automated legal documents for insurance claims defense was originally featured in Carrier Management.

If this article were a legal document, it might sound like this:

HERETOFORE, legal documents proximately cause a grossly adverse impact on insurance companies, which impact may include but not be limited to, said documents cost exorbitant amounts of money, are not usually a contributing cause of a favorable outcome, and result in direct, indirect, and special damages to insurance companies’s abilities to effectively manage their pending lawsuits.

That’s a brutal read, right? If you could decipher the legalese above, you know that legal documents cause problems much larger than grammar. Hidden in that cryptic legalese are the three biggest problems legal documents cause for insurance companies involved in claims litigation:

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