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Claims Litigation Software and the Four Key Levers of Insurance Claims Litigation Success

We recently received great praise for our presentation The Four Key Levers of Insurance Claims Litigation Success. We wanted to share it with our other clients and partners.

In this presentation, we outline the four key levers an insurance claims litigation executive can pull to maximize their impact, from the perfect team to claims litigation software. Click on the image to access the presentation:

You’re a claims litigation VP or you work closely with them. As you know, its becoming increasingly difficult trying to make big improvements in the insurance claims litigation department.

How do you pick your company’s next step in litigation management? Take a step back and looking at your entire claims litigation department.

In this presentation, we go over the funnel model for a litigation department and discuss the four key levers within it:

  • Claims Litigation Software
  • Personnel
  • Expenses
  • Indemnity

I welcome your insight on your litigation department, how you approach optimizing the entire funnel, and what levers you’re looking to pull next.

Don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected] to talk about how starting here – looking at the entire department as a whole – is the next step in litigation management.

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