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How to Choose the Best Insurance Claims Case Management Software

CaseGlide How to Choose the Best Insurance Case Management Software

Why Insurers Need Insurance Claims Case Management Software

We will soon be publishing an E-Book titled How to Choose the Best Insurance Claims Case Management Software. In the E-Book, we will highlight the perils insurers face in claims litigation due to the rapidly declining legal landscape, weaknesses in the litigation department, and pressures from outside the department. We will provide you with a complete overview of traditional case management software, including its core components, implementation, and ROI. We will conclude the E-Book by explaining why insurers are choosing advanced case management software to power their litigation departments.

Below is the table of contents. If you would like to pre-order a free copy, please email us at [email protected]

Why do Insurance Companies Need Case Management Software?

  • The rapidly declining legal landscape:
    • Unfavorable legislation promoting litigation and favoring consumers
    • Aggressive and powerful plaintiffs’ attorneys
    • Unpredictable judges and runaway juries
  • Weakness in the insurance claims litigation department:
    • Inability to use data to track and control litigation trends
    • Lack of effective measuring tools and framework for litigation strategies
    • The silo’d nature of litigation from other departments
    • The silo’d nature of law firm panel counsel personnel from insurers’ systems
    • Litigation personnel’s traditional case-by-case approach
    • Insurance defense lawyers’ misaligned incentives and expensive hourly rates
  • Initiatives executives are imposing on insurance litigation leaders:
    • Legal departments are under significant pressure to reduce legal expenses
    • Legal departments are committed to making data analytics and business intelligence a foundation of their processes
    • Insurers are demanding legal departments to handle more cases with less staff
    • Insurers are tired of lack of results from traditional case management software and marginal results from billing litigation software.

Ideal Benefits of Insurance Claims Case Management Software:

  • Quality Litigation Process Control
  • Automated Litigation Efficiencies
  • Creating Value through Actionable, Transparent Data Analytics
  • Improved and More Predictable Settlements and Legal Expense


Why Traditional Case Management Software Does Not Solve Insurers’ Litigation Problems


Purchasing Obstacles: The Traditional “Case Management” Software Industry is Littered with Irrelevant Software

  • An Insurer’s Search for Case Management Software Begins with Endless False Positives:
    • Law Firm Software, Not Enterprise Software
    • “Quickbooks and Dropbox for Lawyers”
    • “One Size Fits All”

Highly Limited Components of Traditional Case Management Software

  • Traditional Matter Management
    • Low Impact Features:
      • “Dropbox for Lawyers” Communication
      • An Administrative Tool Only
    • Why Traditional Matter Management is Not Matter Management:
      • No Stakeholders Use “Dropbox and Quickbooks for Lawyers”
      • “Dropbox for Lawyers” Facilitates Information Mayhem and Overload, Rather than Improving Transparency
      • “Dropbox for Lawyers” Prevents Insurance Claims Litigation Specific Workflows
    • Traditional E-Billing and Legal Invoice Auditing
      • E-Billing is Quickbooks for Lawyers
        • Making Invoices Digital and Budgeting
        • Providing a Foundation for Legal Invoice Auditing
      • Legal Invoice Auditing
        • The Time-Consuming Nature of Internal Auditing
        • The Questionable Value of Internal Auditing
        • Third Party Auditing’s Diminishing Returns

Traditional Case Management Software Implementation

  • Simple Implementation Processes for Simple Software:
    • Importing Pending Case Information and Documents for Launch
    • Administrative Training
    • No Emphasis on Configuring the Software for Insurance Claim Litigation
    • No Value in Integrating
  • Timeline
  • Staffing
    • Insurers Unnecessarily Shoulder the Load
    • Inexperienced Consultation
    • Minimal Gains means Minimal Work

Traditional Case Management Software Customer Success

  • Incomplete ROI and Business Objectives:
    • E-Billing and Case Management Don’t Have ROI or Business Objectives
    • Legal Fee Auditing’s ROI Hiccup
  • Minimal Staffing
  • Rigidity Against Ongoing Configurations


The Transformational Benefits of Advanced Insurance Claims Case Management Software

Why Insurers Need Case Management Software that is Advanced and For Insurers Only

  • The Paradigm Shift
  • Elements of Advanced Insurance Case Management Software
    • Insurance-Specific Workflows and Strategies
    • Stakeholder Adoption
    • Streamlined Collaboration
    • Actionable Complete Performance and Predictive Analytics

Advanced Insurance Case Management Software Implementation

  • Processes:
    • Importing Valuable Closed Case Data for Analytics Value
    • Advanced Training with Emphasis on Panel Counsel
    • Limited Configurations because Advanced Case Management Embeds Insurance Litigation Best Practices
    • Limitless Integrations
  • Timeline
  • Staffing
    • Panel Counsel Shoulders the Load at Little to No Cost
    • Expert Consultation to Lead Implementation

Advanced Insurance Case Management Software Customer Success

  • Complete and Powerful ROI and Business Objectives
    • Substantial Legal Fee Reductions
      • Removing the Collaboration Fluff
      • High Quality, Low Expense Automated Legal Documents
    • Transformative ROI using Reporting and Actionable Insurance Analytics
  • Staffing
    • Executive Transparency into the Litigation Department
    • Empowering Panel Counsel to be Responsible for their Results
    • Expert Consultation to Lead Business Objective Achievement

If you would like to pre-order a free copy, please email us at [email protected]


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