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Olympus Insurance Deploys CaseGlide for Litigated Claims Management


February 21, 2019 

Olympus Insurance, a leading Florida homeowner insurer, has chosen CaseGlide’s Claims Litigation Management software to provide claims management software for its operations in Florida, following an internal review process. The software will help Olympus manage its litigated claims and provide litigation analytics for the claims and legal departments.  

Olympus chose CaseGlide to enhance operational efficiencies, internal and outside legal communication, and employee productivity through a single cohesive platform. Olympus also sought to enhance their analytic capabilities and provide greater business intelligence to improve litigated claim decision making.  

CaseGlide’s Claim Litigation Management software can adapt to rapidly evolving regulatory requirements, providing insurance companies with fully transparent functionality with built-in reporting and analytics. This software provides real time analysis of claims while using predictive analytics to flag cases ripe for settlement.  

“We congratulate Olympus on their successful deployment of CaseGlide as the foundation on which to build and manage their litigated claims platform,” said Wesley Todd, Chief Executive Officer, at CaseGlide.  


About Olympus Insurance 

Olympus Insurance Company specializes in writing homeowner and condo policies in Florida through a statewide network of more than 2,000 independent agents in personal insurance. Olym­pus entered the Florida home­own­ers market in May of 2007 hoping to meet the coverage demands of Florida’s property residents. Olympus prides itself on its commitment to underwriting each home that it insures individually, based on the customer’s needs. The com­pany is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens. For more information, visit www.olympusinsurance.com.


About CaseGlide 

Based in St. Petersburg, Florida CaseGlide is the originator of claims litigation management solutions for insurance, retailer, and financial management companies. Designed to improve collaboration, reduce expenses, and enhance reporting and analytics associated with litigated claims, CaseGlide has successfully reduced dozens of insures’ legal costs and indemnity expenses. Focused on the under-served and over-expensed insurance companies, CaseGlide’s approach to claims litigation management enables institutions of all sizes to use the power of analytics to bridge the gap of traditional claims management and InsureTech solutions. For more information on CaseGlide visit www.caseglide.com

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