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The Robot Insurance Claims Adjuster is Here

Technology seems to be eating everything except your job. That might change sooner than you think thanks to robot insurance claims adjusters.

Here is a brief article about ERIE Insurance using drones and Google Glass to investigate claims:

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If you want to know more about adjusters using Google Glass, check out this very detailed article in Claims Journal:

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In the Claims Journal article, Denise Johnson discusses the key questions insurers need to answer about Google Glass:

  1. Will data derived from a wearable device contribute to the understanding of the risk?
  2. In what ways can wearable devices assist insurance professionals in their daily jobs – especially those in the field?
  3. Will there be new opportunities for loss control, improved safety and proactive warnings resulting from real-time data?
  4. What services outside of the insurance industry are providers offering relating to wearable devices?
  5. How can wearable devices improve customer service?
  6. How can privacy concerns related to data collected by wearable devices be addressed?
  7. In what ways will wearable devices affect current network and IT infrastructure?

Insurance claims staff should probably pay attention. These technologies are basically free compared to adjusters’ salaries.  Although you may not see drones and Google Glass at your company, just know, if an insurer can save millions of dollars by implementing a technology, they will.

It’s not a matter of if, but when.













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